Kurrajong Cream: fresh cheese made 8 hours before sale, and unsalted

Fresh Curd: lightly salted fresh curd cheese

Tomato Roll: sun-dried tomato covering a fresh curd cheese

Pepper Pot: fresh curd cheese covered in a lemon pepper crust

Olive Roulade: kalamata olives covering a fresh curd cheese

Marinated Fetta: fetta marinated in oil, vinegar, chillies, garlic, and herbs

Black Label Fetta:  Persian-style fetta, soft and hand-salted then marinated in oil with fresh thyme

Marinated Chevre: mature curd cheese marinated in oil with roast garlic, and rosemary or bay leaves

Marinated Pepper Balls: mature curd cheese rolled in a lemon pepper crust and marinated in oil

St. Albans: two-week-old white mould ripened cheese, firm skin and soft on the inside

Mt. Bowen: six-week-old white mould ripened fetta, dry and firm

Vineyard: six-month-old white and blue mould aged cheese

Fromage des Chevre: white, blue and geotrichen (crinkly) aged cheese, rich and soft, paired with muscatels

Yoghurt: fresh goats milk and culture

Goat’s Milk: fresh,pasteurised goats milk